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Pet Identification

Unfortunately pets can escape or become separated from the most loving pet owner. Without appropriat identification 90% of pets are never returned to their owner. Identification of your pet is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Vetcetera offers two options for permanent identification — tattooing and microchipping. Neither can become separated from the pet, unlike a collar and tags.

Microchipping is an option for permanent pet identification. This minor procedure can be performed during routine office visits, as it simply requires the injection of a small microchip under the skin between the shoulder blades.

Unlike a tattoo, the microchip cannot be visually seen, but the company provides a tag for the pet's collar indicating that they have been microchipped. Scanners that read these microchips are supplied free of charge to shelters and are owned by most veterinarians.

The scanner is passed over the pet, revealing the unique number of the pet's chip. This number can then be called into a national database that works 24 hours a day to reunite lost pets with their owners. A microchip can also serve as a lifetime license for a pet. Again, the paperwork and fees are processed through the county courthouse.

Sadly, a family pet is lost every two seconds. This can be emotionally devastating to both pet and owner. We would be glad to further discuss these options with you in an effort to keep your pet home where he belongs!

Many owners choose one or both of these methods of identification for peace of mind.

We recommend registering your pet with the identification system. Ask for an HomeAgain  microchip brochure for more information on microchipping.

HomeAgain has a annual membership fee of $17.99 (the first year of membership is included in the cost of the microchip).  The benefits of this membership include a proactive pet recovery network (you can report your pet missing and surrounding shelters and veterinary hospitals are alerted), ability to create personalized "Lost Pet" posters, lost pet medical insurance, pet ID cards, pet travel assistance, etc.

Tattooing is also a way to ensure visual identification of your pet and can also serve as a lifetime license. After submitting the proper paperwork and fees to the county courthouse, a number is assigned for the pet's lifetime license. This number is then permanently applied to the right inner thigh of the pet, with the letters "PA." The courthouse assesses a charge for recording the information and we assess a charge to apply the tattoo through our clinic.

Tattooing is cost effective in the long run as it saves owners the annual licensing fees. We will only tattoo while the pet is sedated so the procedure is painless. Anesthesia for spay, neuter or dental cleaning is the ideal time to apply this permanent identification. The process of applying the tattoo takes approximately 10 minutes and is very safe.