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Canine Vaccine Protocol

We strive to offer the safest protocols for your pets. In accordance with recent changing recommendations, we have lengthened many vaccination intervals from annually to every three years. With your input, we will tailor an individual vaccination protocol for your dog.

Rabies Distemper
Leptospirosis Lyme Bordetella
Puppy Boosters 1 2-4 2-3 2 1
Interval 3-4 wks. 3 wks. 3-4 wks.
Age at First Dose 12 wks. 6 wks. 8 wks. 9 wks. 8 wks.
Age at Last Dose 13-16 wks. 13-16 wks. 13-16 wks.
One Year Booster ~15 mos. old ~15 mos. old ~15 mos. old ~15 mos. old as needed
Subsequent Adult Interval Every 3 yr. Every 1-3 yrs. Annually Annually Every 6-12 mos.

Optional (Non-Core) Vaccines
Administration of these vaccines is based on individual patient risk.

Leptospirosis is given cautiously in small breed dogs, due to a higher risk of reaction. Read more...

Bordetella / Adenovirus Type 2 / Parainfluenza Virus
Kennel Cough Complex refers to a collection of highly contagious infectious bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory disease. Parainfluenza is also included in the injectable canine vaccine. This vaccination is required by most boarding facilities due to contagion risk. For dogs at risk for exposure (boarding, showing, grooming, contact with other dogs, possibility of adding other dogs to the home, etc.) we recommend vaccination.

Lyme Disease
Common in our area, Lyme disease is caused by a bacterial organism and carried by deer ticks. Symptoms can include lameness, inflammation of multiple joints, fever, lack of appetite and lethargy. Vaccination is strongly recommended for the high-risk population (hunting dogs, dogs that frequent wooded areas or fields, dogs that hike, etc.).

Though reactions are rare, we like to educate every owner about possible complications. If you notice anything abnormal following vaccination of your pet, please call immediately. Vaccine reactions can be as mild as lethargy or as severe as facial swelling, hives or signs of shock.