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Feline Vaccine Protocol

We strive to offer the safest protocols for your pets. In accordance with recent changing recommendations, we have lengthened many vaccination intervals from annually to every three years. With your input, we will tailor an individual vaccination protocol for your cat.

Rabies Panleukopenia
Kitten Boosters 1 2-3 2
Interval 3-4 wks. 3-4 wks.
Age at First Dose 12 wks. 8 wks. 9 wks.
Age at Last Dose 13-16 wks. 13-16 wks.
One Year Booster ~15 mos. old ~15 mos. old ~15 mos. old
Subsequent Adult Interval Every 3 yr. Every 3 yr. Every 3 yrs. if at risk

Optional (Non-core) Vaccines
Administration of these vaccines is based on individual patient risk.

Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV)
FELV is a fatal virus transmitted from mother to kittens across the placenta and through nursing, or from cat to cat (primarily via saliva). We recommend blood testing of all kittens prior to vaccination and especially before introducing them to other cats in your household. Kittens with any risk potential should be vaccinated, as cats less than one year of age are the most susceptible to this infection. We vaccinate adults on an "as needed" basis, depending on environment and lifestyle. Vaccination is not currently recommended for indoor cats in a controlled environment with known FELV-negative.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
Like FELV, we recommend a quick in-house blood test to check for carriers of FIV. A cat could be carrying this serious disease yet look healthy. Both viruses are retroviruses, similar to human HIV, and are not transmissible to people. A new vaccine is available for FIV but not recommended at this time for most cats.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis
An intranasal vaccine is available, but is highly controversial. This vaccine is not recommended by our practice.

To summarize: FIV, FIP, Giardia, Chlamydia and Bordetella vaccines not routinely recommended for companion felines.

Though reactions are rare, we like to educate every owner about possible complications. If you notice anything abnormal following vaccination of your cat, please call immediately. Vaccine reactions can be as mild as lethargy or as severe as facial swelling, hives or signs of shock.